Friday, February 17, 2012

Nominate your favorite gluten-free restaurant in Fayetteville

Gluten-free fans,
2012's Greatest Around Fayetteville Contest which recognizes people, places and businesses in Fayetteville, has a Best Gluten Free Menu category. 

This is our chance to recognize restaurants in Fayetteville that cater to gluten-free customers. The website is and nominees must get at least 25 nominations in order to make it to the voting phase. Each category needs at least 5 nominees to make it into the voting phase.



Joe said...

awesome! Hopefully we can learn about some new places. Thanks for sharing this.

Bugz said...

Unfortunately, not enough people put in for the gluten-free menu category so we'll never know.
Does anyone know of any groups or a way (other than putting out a full page ad in the Observer) of contacting fellow Celiacs? I highly doubt there are only a few people in Fayetteville with Celiac disease.
If you see this, tell anyone interested in Celiac/Gluten Free to visit this blog.


Angela H. said...

My daughter and I are both celiacs. I know there are many others with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity in Fayetteville. I talk to people at Food Lion, Walmart and the Apple Crate all the time that have the same problem and try to share what I know with others. Unfortunately we're all pretty much on our own.
The Apple Crate on Raeford Rd has a bulletin board and that could be a good place to advertise a point of contact for those with celiac or gluten sensitivity. A meetup group would be another great place to find others with the disease as well as organize get togethers

Jack and Gina Plain said...

You are saying that there were no winners, but I followed your link and found winners. I am not from your area but will be traveling through and was trying to find a place where my husband who has celiac can safely eat. I found 2012 winners so I"m confused with your above comment; is this accurate?

Bugz said...

Hi Jack and Gina,

You are correct. I had looked at the web site before they were done and it looked like they took out the gluten free category. Instead of being listed under restaurants, they had it listed under Food and Drink. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Michael Walden and Jennefer (Jennifer) Walden Fayetteville said...

I know this is an old post, but if anyone comes here looking for gluten-free restaurants I know that Mellow Mushroom and Dominoes sell gluten-free pizzas. Also, there are a lot of chain restaurants that will give you a gluten free menu if you ask for it. Although I have found that it is better to eat at home to ensure gluten-free.