Friday, December 16, 2011

taste of home, healthy cooking

Do you ever have the experience where you never noticed something ever in your life. Then a friend mentions it, and it is practically jumping out at you? Before I was told I had celibacy, the word gluten was rarely in my word, now all the sudden I find people all around me me being diagnosed. The good news was all the research I had done was being put to use, the bad news was people were being diagnosed with celiac. I knew the challenges they would face, it could be worse, but, it is complicated. Anyway, I was looking through my last issue of Taste of Home and found two recipes gluten free. One is sugarplums, how awesome is that? The other is for almond cookies. Yum. Neither had a million ingredients or complicated directions. If you are interested, it is the December January issue. I plan on trying these out for my holiday baking. Its so hard trying to do gluten free and also be in other kitchens, our church women are getting together to bake together for fun, and I don't know how this will work. We shall see.

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