Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grocery Store Review: Apple Crate Market

Well I need a break from laying tiles so my junior photographer and I decided to head to town. We decided to check out Apple Crate

We went to the Camden Rd location first. It was a small store on the outside so we were very surprised to find so many products inside. There where shelves of gluten free products as well as supplements teas and frozen products.

There were some of my favorite products and some I had not tried before. Also the staff was very friendly and helpful.

My next stop was over to their Raeford Rd location which Camden Rd. store except the also carried some fresh produce. I bought my son a huge apple that he devoured

I have to say the staff at both stores were super friendly and the selection was amazing as were their prices. I highly recommend The Apple Crate


Jill said...

Hi! I'm in Fayetteville too. I've been diagnosed with Celiac for about a month and have been GF since my biopsy about 3 weeks ago. The owner of the Hope Mills Apple Crate has Celiac from what my Dr. told me. I haven't been over to that store, but I've shopped a few times in the Raeford Rd. store. I've found Harris Teeter to be really gluten-free friendly too - so it's convenient that they are across from each other.

terri said...

i believe the food lion right there also carries some products too they will have them in organic section. i like food lion cause they put the pasta on sale sometimes

eerye70 said...

the Apple crate on camden road was ok, but the person working there the day i went didnt know if potato flour and potato starch were the same thing or not. Same for tapioca. I am newly diagnosed with celiac and i had no clue. It was frustrating and i had to use my cell phone to google it. But the staff was super nice. The staff at the one on Raeford road on the other hand was extremely knowledgeable about all things flour and gluten related. I hope one day they get a frequent customer card or some sort of discount!