Monday, November 28, 2011

Gluten-free beer at Food Lion? Maybe...

Yes, there is gluten-free beer and it is pretty good!

I asked the manager at Food Lion on Skibo Road if they could carry Redbridge Beer. It's made by Anheuser Busch. Same folks that make Budweiser, Michelob, Becks, etc. I'm hoping it's not too hard to get it at Food Lion because that would be awesome!!!

Harris Teeter does carry it in a six-pack for about $8 to $9.

Other brands to look for (not in Fayetteville, just yet...) are New Grist and Bard's. Wholefoods in Raleigh carries it.

By the way, if you like beer with your pizza, you can get a gluten-free pizza with any gluten-free topping at Mellow Mushroom on McPherson Church Road ... with a cold Redbridge. It does take a bit longer for the pizza to be made so be prepared to wait a bit. Also, the crust is a little better than the average gluten-free frozen pizza. I wish for the day pizza makers could make a deep dish gluten-free crust. I'm not a big fan of cracker crust BUT it's Pizza!!! with Beer!!! In Fayetteville!!!

Let's hope this blog isn't all about my crazy ramblings. Do you have a favorite place to shop in Fayetteville (or even out of the area) for gluten-free goodies? Please share!

Until next time...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaack!


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and posting! It's so nice to see another gluten-free person from the Cumberland County area.
I must apologize. I have been a very bad blogger and hope to contribute more to this blog in the future. So, here goes...
Food Lion has significantly increased its gluten-free offerings, at least in the stores I've been to at at Skibo Road, Fayetteville and Westwood Shopping Center.
I can now find gluten-free cereal, pizza, soy sauce, frozen dinners, doughnuts, soups, cookies, cake mixes and more for a reasonable price. Still holding out for some gluten-free beer. Harris Teeter carries Redbridge (a nice dark brew) for about $8 a six-pack. Harris Teeter also carries more gluten-free items as well as Wal-mart.
By the way, I almost cried when I found the gluten-free soy and teriyaki sauce!
I am not much of a cook but I have discovered crock pot cooking. Throwing vegetables and meats together with some gluten free spices and sauces is rather easy and so tasty, my glutened partner will eat it too!
A Year of Slow Cooking at has tons of recipes with gluten-free substitutes.
I too would love to join a group in the Cumberland County area just so we can talk about all the different challenges we go through living with Celiac Disease or gluten-intolerance. Thanks for letting me post!